Transformation Church is a church where you can find a place to serve our Lord.  Ministries that are available at TCSA are:
Children’s Ministries.  We are growing in this area and our children are growing spiritually, as well.  Bring the kids to church at TCSA.  They will love it!
Women’s Ministries.  The ladies of TCSA are functioning and doing great things for God including providing ministry and fellowship to women, being involved in community outreaches, and providing great service to our church.  This ministry meets every second Sunday night of the month at 6:30 PM.
Men’s Ministries. The men of TCSA are growing in the Lord!  This is a wonderful discipleship and fellowship ministry that every man is urged to attend.  This ministry meets every fourth Sunday night at 6:30.


Worship and Music. The thing that best describes the worship at TCSA is “genuine.”  Our music and worship are fresh and relevant.  Yet, these things are not done from an “entertainment perspective.”  They are done with a genuine sense of God’s presence in our midst.  It is worship in its purest form.  It will bless and uplift you beyond description.  We have a contemporary format but also place great value of the Church by revering our great pentecostal heritage by singing hymns, as well.


Ushering and greeting.  We have an excellent “Chamber of Commerce” team at TCSA that serve us so well.  There is a place for you in this ministry.


Small Groups/Christian Education. We have groups that will be a blessing to you and a staff that is nothing short of superb!   These groups meet every Sunday morning at 9:30.


Community Outreaches. Although TCSA is a brand new church, we are not going to wait before we begin “proclaiming the transforming love of Christ to America’s Oldest City.”  We are doing it now—while still in the infancy of our church—and are already seeing God’s blessing as a result.


Pastoral care. At TCSA, you will find that no church will work harder to care for you than us. Our pastor always tells our congregation that if you need him, just call him.  We visit, provide counsel, and help wherever we can.  All you have to do is give us a call.
Fellowship.  Our church is a church where people love and care for one another.  Make no mistake about it, TCSA offers many fellowship opportunities, thus giving our people to establish and strengthen good friendships and relationships.